About Us

Hi!  I’m Scott and this is my obsession.

I get asked if I am a jeweler and if this is my full time job.  The answer is no.  I have absolutely nothing against jewelers, in fact I love going into jewelry stores!  But I can almost guarantee your local jeweler hasn’t fitted as many SKX crystals as I have.  They haven’t swapped as many SKX bezels as I have.  They don’t have the mod part supplier contacts.  They don’t have the knowledge of mod part compatibility. And they’re not spending each night combing through page after page of watch mods on Instagram.   They’re selling jewelry.  They’re not swapping watch hands every day.  That’s just the truth.  That’s what separates the Seiko modders from the jewelers.

This is my hobby and passion, but I do work a full time job and most likely will not reply to messages during the day.  All mod jobs are done after-hours.

I am located just east of Toronto.